Minutes from June Meeting…enjoy!

What a fun evening! Everyone came to order for the Ring 320 meeting on Tuesday, June 21st and there were lots of stories being told about recent shows, conventions and anecdotes. In attendance were President Eddie Tobey, Yvonne Tobey, Jim Oberg, John Leeth, Sergeant at Arms Jim Champion, John Coleman, Steve Pittella, guest Mark Cline, Treasurer David Clauss, Vice President Brian Bence and Richard Gimbert. President Eddie Tobey talked about the recent Colombini lecture at Divine Magic and Novelties in Richmond. This was sponsored by Richmond’s IBM Ring 180. Vice President Brian Bence, Richard Gimbert and John Coleman told of their experiences at the Magi-Whirl convention in the Washington, DC area. We also spoke about the great time we had at Peter and Jackie Monticup’s home for the May meeting. It’s great to see that the Magic community is active in performing and sharing their art!

There are lots of events coming up and were discussed. Guest Mark Cline and member Steve Pittella told us about a large local event that is dated Saturday, July 23rd called Sweet Dreams. This annual event has crowds that number into the thousands and their committee has interest in having Magicians perform. As ideas were being discussed, the director for the event, Kevin Blackford, came through the door with his daughter, Emma. We showed them just a small bit of the work we do and he expressed excitement for us to participate. Such a great opportunity for Ring 320! Other issues discussed was performing a Day of Magic in early August for Steve Pittella’s Boardwalk Café, the upcoming Essential Magic Conference(essentialmagicconference.com), and the events planned for the Staunton Downtown Development on June 24th, Fridays in September and Sparkles and Sweets in November. Other items of business discussed were recruiting new members and how to publicize the Ring.

The theme for the evening was “Productions”. Several of us did various interpretations on this subject ranging from a silk color change production to cards productions. A wonderful night for all who were there.


About blueridgemagiciansring320

Secretary of Ring 320 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians located in the Western Virginia.
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