The Great Recession Affects Magic

A walk-around magician doing closeup

Someone should create a (convention) stage act called “The Recession Magic Act” — and then do about ten minutes of stuff (music only) dressed in obviously tattered tails, while putting on the attitude of a magician of great dignity. You know, a Thomsoni-like persona. Effects could include the Recession Duck Bucket made from a trash pail; an immaculately over acted high-brow Zombie routine with a toilet tank float; card productions with filthy rumpled cards that look as though they’d been through a war; and … well, it’s limited only by a twisted imagination. There must be dozens of gag possibilities. You could have The Miser’s Dream done with pennies. Finally, The Great Government Bailout Bubble where the grand finale is an explosion of phony money. As the act progresses (regresses) the guy’s tattered tailcoat begins to slowly disintegrate as he desperately tries to hold it together. The soles on his shoes fall off

At the end the whole act is held together with duck tape.

Okay, it needs work. But you get the idea. If you got a few of your magician pals together to brainstorm this, I think they could come up with a COMEDY WINNER.

 Now you know why I’m not a comedy magician…At least 20 years ago, I attempted a spoof act, “The Amazing Prozac and Bubbles”, my assistant was –Carl Fowler, former Ring #170 President -dressed in drag. I was a bearded, old, over-the-hill magician who seemed oblivious to the audience and to anything that was happening on stage.

Everything went wrong but I held out my arms for applause. Think Carl Ballantine stoned. I retired “The Amazing Prozac” after that one show and the quality of all comedy magic went up a level. Maybe I am a better writer-creator than performer? Bev Bergeron ( of Rebo-the-Clown fame with Mark Wilson) said it all stunk. I told him, “Duhhh… Bev! That was the idea!”  He said that the problem is that when you do comedy, if it stinks, it has to stink funny. I will leave that to Kohl and Company and other true comedians!  


About blueridgemagiciansring320

Secretary of Ring 320 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians located in the Western Virginia.
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