8-23-11 at 1:53PM One for our memories!

Food Lion in Louisa, Va… From the TV 19 website.
A once in a lifetime 5.9 earthquake hit Virginia today. It was centered in Mineral, Virginia .  It rattled most of the populated areas in the Mid-Atlantic.
My daughter Sara works for the Foreign Relations Committee for Sen. Lugar (R-IN) in the Senate Building in DC where there was some structural damage.
She was at work at the time and suffered a broken ankle. She fell in the stairwell, which was crowded. Most were confused at to it being a terrorist attack or earthquake. Plus they have issues of securing sensitive materials. There was mass confusion.  
She was taken to George Washington Hospital. Her ankle is broken in 2 places but at this point it does not look like she will need pins or any surgery, only casting. She will be okay other than the healing process.
Our own Wes Iseli was on the road with his magic show. He said:  
“We were in the in Fredericksburg at a bank drive up teller station when the shaking started I thought it was Natalie then as a turned to tell her to quit shaking, the car the whole car started violently shaking up and down and then I looked to my left at the teller and all the bank employees were running out of the bank and ceiling tiles were falling down then I gunned the gas out from under the drive up part and waited several minutes to make my deposit everything is back to normal except phone lines are hit and miss since the quake.
A few miles down the road Montpelier had signs up saying closed due to weather. When I got home [To Ruckersville] both our dogs were a little shaken “no pun intended” they were both crying pretty good. A few small things fell off shelves but no damage at all… “
I live in the city of Harrisonburg on a major highway and near a railroad track. I was at my computer at 1:53 pm. My instant thought was a truck breaking as it came down the hill, but the prolonged 30 second shaking brought back my memories of experiencing California tremors. The lights briefly flickered as I heard my back-up computer battery click. Glass in the window, my desk lamp and plaques on the wall rattled.



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