The Semi-Traveling Magician

Hello Fellow Ringers,

I thought I would enter a “short” note on my recent travels to Boston, MA.
We had a great northern vacation/college visits and I was able to fit in a stop at two great magic shops as well. My first stop was at Denny & Lee’s in Baltimore. As Baltimore is certainly not my favorite city and I was not sure where Denny’s new shop location was, I was thankful for Tom-Tom and direct GPS navigation!
I visited on a Thursday and wow, Denny’s shop has a lot of room! The “theatre/lecture” room is really nice as well. It was almost sensory overload as I tried to take in all of the books, videos, and new effects all around me. Denny provides a wealth of information and always has a great story or two. Several local magicians then entered and the discussion revolved around Scott Alexander and his performance on America’s Got Talent. Denny worked with Scott as he was starting out in magic…pretty cool. I picked up a few new effects (Rattled by Dan Hauss is very good) and I was off. This shop is definitely worth your time if you are in or near the Baltimore area. My only “somewhat negative” critique of the visit is the cigarette smoke and constant smell of it while you are there as well as on any item you purchase…just my opinion though.

I then had the opportunity, or so I thought, to visit Hank Lee’s store, but when I called them they didn’t open until 1:00 pm. They were hard an fast on this time so I didn’t get to stop by there store. I was frustrated at this but just happened to do a quick search and noticed that “Diamond Magic” just happened to be 15 minutes from our hotel…yes! So, Brianna, my daughter, and I set off for our magic adventure. As we approached the shop, which is on the second floor of an office building, we saw that the lights were off and no one was in…total bummer! So, I gave them a call and left a message…sure enough Eddie called me back and said he was on his way. So we headed back over to the shop after some “mall time”. I am REALLY glad we had a chance to visit this shop! I have never seen a better selection of DVD’s and apparatus…from close-up to stage they have it all! It is a well organized shop and Eddie even demonstrated several of his “pet” effects that he uses in his show. You may have guessed that this was formerly Paul Diamond’s shop and Eddie and his wife purchased the remaining inventory and the customer base from Paul. I want to make it clear this is NOT Paul Diamond’s shop any longer. I used to deal with Paul and had less than acceptable results! Eddie is a great guy and very willing to help he is working hard to let everyone in the magic world know that Diamond’s Magic is definitely under NEW ownership.. I think he had every new effect that is currently available and had them in stock!!! We left with a lighter wallet but with some great new magic and another new friend in the magic world!
All in all a very good day! I would encourage you to visit Diamond Magic and sign up for their newsletter…great specials and new items weekly.
Almost forgot…we also caught a great street act in the Quincy Market area…”Lucky Bob”. He was an amazing juggler and had everyone in stitches throughout his entire performance. The performers in this market area work for tips only even though they have to audition for their performance space each year. I was amazed at the response when he was finished. The crowd (about 200 strong) actually stood in line to drop bills and bills into his magic bag…I think he had a very good afternoon!
Well, time to sign off and get back to work. I hope you enjoyed our little excursion journal. It is always exciting to visit and stimulate the economy of the brick and mortar magic shops!

Keep the Magic Alive!

Brian B.


About blueridgemagiciansring320

Secretary of Ring 320 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians located in the Western Virginia.
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  1. Thanks for the report, Brian! i love Boston and Le Grand David in Beverly.

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