Banquet and Installation coming up!

Ring #320

New 2012 Slate to be installed December 2nd

Of the International Brotherhood of Magicians

President – Eddie Tobey   Vice President George Buckley  

Secretary – Dennis Phillips   Treasurer – David Clauss

Sergeant at Arms – Jim Champion

 December 2011

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The December meeting is the annual banquet.

Installation of Officers will be held at the Annual Banquet…speaking of which…


The IBM Ring 320 Annual Holiday Banquet is rapidly approaching (Friday, December 2 nd) so we need to start working out the details for this festive event. First of all, let us know if you are attending.  Second, the Ring will be taking care of the expense for cups, plates, utensils and beverages. At our last meeting, we decided to have everyone bring an entrée/main dish and a dessert or salad. Please reply back to this e-mail and add to the list below with what you’ll bring and we’ll be able to build an ongoing list.

 This year we’ll again have  a Secret Santa/Thieves Gift Exchange.  Last year we had one and it was a lot of fun. Like last year the cost of the gift should be no more than $10.00.

 The banquet will be held in the Fellowship Hall of the church. We’ll start gathering around 6:15-6:30. Plan to eat at 7:00. Remember to bring your Magic!!

Hopefully this Spring, when heat is not needed. we will hold a Ring meeting at the Swannanoa mansion.

Swannanoa is an Italianate villa built in 1912 by millionaire and philanthropist James H. Dooley (1841–1922) above Rockfish Gap in northern Nelson County, Virginia, USA. It is partially based on buildings in the Villa Medici, Rome.

It is located on the crest of the Blue Ridge mountains, overlooking both Shenandoah and Rockfish valleys. It is located on a jurisdictional border, so it is in both Augusta and Nelson counties.

Intended to be a “summer place” for Richmond, Virginia, millionaire and philanthropist James H. Dooley and his wife Sallie Mae, it reportedly took over 300 artisans eight years to build the structure, complete with Georgian marble, Tiffany windows, gold plumbing fixtures, and terraced gardens. Built as a token of love from husband to wife, the depth of James and Sally May’s relationship was represented in the 4,000 piece Tiffany stained-glass window and a domed ceiling bearing the likeness of Mrs. Dooley


November, 2011 meeting

The days were getting a bit cooler as we conducted our November Ring meeting.  First on the business meeting agenda was the election of the new Ring Officers for 2012.

After some discussion and nominations, the new slate was elected. Thanks go to Bryan Bence for his service last year and in the many years he has served.  Returning is President – Eddie Tobey, the new Vice President – George Buckley, Secretary – Dennis Phillips, Treasurer – David Clauss, Sergeant at Arms – Jim Champion. The Installation will be at the December meeting.

 Several interesting items were mentioned. Eddie Tobey is performing his 40th Anniversary in magic on Sunday December 4th on stage at James Madison University. Our ring should come celebrate with Eddy and see him perform.  Eddie also showed a device that can instantly produce a no-smell puff of smoke from the fingertips. It is based on the electronic cigarette technology and looks great.   Steve Pittella got his “Mini-Girl to Gorilla” side-show illusion fixed and brought it to the meeting to demonstrate. It worked perfectly!  Steve also gave us an update of his attendance at the recent Side-Show Gathering in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

 It was show time: John Leeth opened with an effect called “Knock ‘em Dead” and he did!  A spectator clearly saw that the cards in the deck were all different. The spectator then dealt cards one at a time to the card of their location choice and John immediately revealed that he knew the card by removing and envelope with a single card that was the card.   John then did a logic puzzle where by asking two questions he knew who was holding his $10 bill. These type of effects are always entertaining for adults.

 Next was Dennis Phillips. In keeping with the magic theme of the meeting, which was “Things that multiply”, he did The Vernet Multiplying Balls with its rarely seen finale where 4 more balls instantly appear.  Phillips then presented Tenyo’s Floral Fantasy where a red rose keeps appearing on top of an empty stem. Suddenly a yellow rose appears. Finally Dennis showed two classic Warren Stephen’s effects, The Goof Ball and Dimi-Fish.   In Goof Ball, a small red ball is put in a paper sack and comes out yellow. After some bits of by play the kids are convinced that there are two balls. The magician dumps out the second ball which is a white golf ball and the paper bag is empty.

 Finally, President Tobey showed a skill effect where a single card mysteriously rotates between the fingers of the magician.  

 The meeting was concluded and we are ready for the Holiday rush!

 Dennis Phillips

Dennis’ Deliberations……………    Comment and Editorial

Equivoque is the word that most magicians recognize as “A Magician’s Force”.  This is the technique of making the spectator think that they have a free choice by you know what you want them to choose and manipulate them to take what you want.  I was recently talking to a couple of professional magicians and we were talking about the technique. I told them that I always explain it to magicians as the same thing as asking someone to choose which current author of mentalism books they prefer, Phil Goldstein or Max Maven.  The PATEO Force is usually credited to Roy Baker. It stands for (P)ick (A)ny (T)wo – (E)liminate (O)ne.  One of the great examples of this technique was when the deep voice of Eugene Burger combined with a Robert Neal story. Eugene laid many cards face down on the table and said that people were dying in the small Medieval town and people began to accuse others of being responsible for the deaths. Eugene had a spectator pick two cards and he turned over one. It was the Queen of Diamonds, the town’s seamstress. Was she a witch? No soon she died. All the cards had a profession in the village. It got down to the only card that was not dead and Burger turned it over and it was the one who brought the plague, the ace of spades.  I thought that this was a great example of story telling and the PATEO Force.  One suggestion on Equivoque: If you are doing it multiple times, break up the way you ask them to choose so your method is not obvious.  Like Max Maven’s B-Wave, the application of Equivoque can be simple and yet powerful.

MELINDA is BACK…….uhhh.    But I prefer her front…..

Actually, I liked Melinda. Perhaps there was not enough room at the top for her. I mean, uhhh ,at the top of show business there was not enough room.

 She complains in Magic Magazine (November issue) that they used to always want her to dress skimpier.  Well, golly gee, that’s all most men remember her for.

She had a lot of “bump and grind” and was properly instructed in that style of dancing by her mother, Bonnie, a former Vegas dancer.

Her first and ONLY TV special, the Disney produced one taped here in Orlando was a train wreck but I could see some great routines and concepts in it. I really hope she can make a comeback.

Some guys are just crazy for magic. They think, eat and have it on their mind all the time. It dominates their life!  I wonder if the following letter could actually ever happen.

Dear Abby,

I am a professional magician with a deep concern. I have never written to you before, but I really need your advice. I keep strange hours with my career, and I have suspected for some time now that my wife has been cheating on me.

The usual signs; phone rings but if I answer, the caller hangs up. When I’m about to leave for a gig, I learn, for the umpteenth time, my wife is about to go out with “the girls”, although when I ask their names she always says, just some friends from work, you don’t know them. When I finally get home and discover she’s not there, I try to stay awake and watch for her when she comes in, but I usually fall asleep.

Anyway, I have never broached the subject with my wife. I think deep down I just did not want to know the truth, but last night she went out again and I decided to finally check on her. Around midnight when I got home from another show, and again she wasn’t home yet, I hid in the garage behind some illusion props so I could get a good view of the whole street when she arrived home after night out with “the girls.”

When she got out of the car she was buttoning up her blouse, her hair and makeup were all messed up and a guy kissed her good-by and I really need your advice!

It was at that moment, crouching inside my Zig Zag, that I noticed a hairline crack along the door at the hinges. Is this something I can fix myself, or should I take it back to Abbotts for repairs?

Puzzled Magician

I hope that gave you a Holiday laugh and keep your life balanced in the New Year!  Show attention to the ones you love this holiday season.

Peace and Happiness to all in 2012!

Dennis Phillips,


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Secretary of Ring 320 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians located in the Western Virginia.
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