Hank Lee News

Hey! The crumble of the brick and mortar shops seems to be accelerating. Now, even the on-line shops could be thinning.  I am speaking of the latest legal issues with Hank Lee, as reported by Boston media.

http://www.thebostonchannel.com/r/30805445/detail.html    Harry P. Levy, the owner of Hank Lee’s Magic Factory, admitted he made 134 false transactions between 2009 to 2011 on a customer’s American Express card totaling $561,927, according to a stipulation of facts signed by Levy and prosecutors. The document was filed in Federal Court in Boston Friday, March 30th. Levy has agreed to plead guilty to credit card fraud and making false statements, and in exchange prosecutors won’t charge him with wire fraud or aggravated identity theft, according to a plea agreement. Levy faces a total of up to 20 years in prison on the charges. Prosecutors will seek a sentence at the “low end of sentencing guidelines,” and to have Levy ordered to pay restitution to the victim, according to the plea agreement.



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One Response to Hank Lee News

  1. bgbmagic says:

    Not so surprising news regarding Hank Lee’s. I stopped shopping there years ago after several “customer service issues” and overall poor attitude when dealing with this shop. The final straw for me was on a recent trip to Boston I tried to stop in and found out they are only open on the second full moon of the 25th leap year or something like that…and the person who answered the phone appeared to be bothered that I would dare call and ask for their hours or directions to their store.
    IMHO, although I really hate to see any close their doors, this is one “brick and mortar shop” that won’t really be missed!
    We then went to Diamond’s Magic and had a truly wonderful time there!!! What a difference when you meet someone with a passion for what they do as compared to someone just in it for the $$$.

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