Needed Optimism

Thanks to Wes Iseli for an optimistic correction to the depressing and disparaging words from other magicians who read this publication.  I try to give all sides to the issue.  As Wes says, it is not easy making a living in Magic and if you love it, you will find a way to survive and thrive.    I have known and worked with a lot of people in the music industry.  It is very much like the Magic business, except there are more performing opportunities as a musician. Our President Eddie Tobey has worked in both areas of show business

There is an old joke: “How is a musician different from a 16 inch Pizza? Answer: A 16 inch Pizza can feed a family of  4”!    Show business, as a full time career, is not easy. 

And now the words and comments from Wes,

That was a bleak essay on magicians!

To say that Magicians aren’t worth anything because “THE PUBLIC DOESN’T GIVE A RAT’S POSTERIOR ABOUT MAGIC!” Sounds like crazy ramblings from magicians who just could not make it in show business. Maybe that is why they would not give names. 
I have been full time for 17 years supporting myself and my family, Yes it is hard work and I do not have an agent but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I spoke with Chris Kenner when Copperfield came to Richmond and he said he now does all the booking for Copperfield on tour because they got tired of giving away a percent of the sales to multiple people for each show so now they keep the money for themselves and do it all in their home office. 
Magic is just as popular as always, look in Vegas Dirk Arthur, Rick Thomas, Mac King, Penn & Teller, Copperfield, Nathan Burton, Criss Angel, Amazing Jonathin, and many more are working weekly in Vegas and have been. If The public didn’t give a rat’s posterior about magic those shows they would be dark!
Bringing up people who went out on a bad note, bankruptcy, Alcoholism, depression and such is also a sad bleak topic and a list can be compiled in any occupation not just magic. Heck VH1 does a show on all those singers and bands who ended their careers badly. 
Sorry for the rant but if you love magic like I do you’ll understand where I am coming from. 
Let this publication know your thoughts…

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Secretary of Ring 320 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians located in the Western Virginia.
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