Why Magicians are Thankful

Ten Reasons to be Thankful for Magic



1. Our art of magic can find and maintain a childlike wonder in even the weariest person.



2. Magic provides a gift that you can present to others that leaves them feeling better than when you met them.


3. Magic provides a means to connect to a wide variety of people that you may have little in common with under any other circumstances.


4. The fun that arrives monthly from Genii, The Linking Ring, Magic Magazine, MUM

    and Reel Magic Magazine. Thanks to the most creative inventors in our art, there’s

    always a slew of new magic tricks and techniques to read about and learn.


5. Our major magical organizations: Academy of Magical Arts, Society of American

    Magicians, International Brotherhood of Magicians and Magic Circle, who tirelessly

    work to promote our art of magic.


6. The immediate rapport that one can have with someone else when you find out that

    they also love magic. (Hey, have you seen this one?)


7. Where else can you spend $35 on just a quarter?


8. What other activity challenges you to continually find better ways to accomplish

    something and is fun to think about? What other pursuit asks and challenges you to

    perform a complicated task while making it all look “natural?”


9. What else would you do with your spare time?


10. Where else would you spend your money?


About blueridgemagiciansring320

Secretary of Ring 320 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians located in the Western Virginia.
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