Sad case of Ignorant Religious Superstition!

Dear Friends and fellow Magical Entertainers,

I rarely mix religion with conjuring. The Wayne Houchin assault at the

hands of a religious extremist demands a response. We could all be victims

of assault by superstitious religious zealots who see our “tricks” as evil.

 Yes, it is tough to realize that in a modern world, with an understanding or perceptional neuroscience, we still have atavistic mindsets who see any form of magic tricks as being evil!

I am a former Christian Education and a committed Christian but I reject ignorant superstition and the idea that magic entertainment means we are in league with “Satan”.  The very Conservative and Christian Fundamentalist “Fellowship of Christian Magicians” have written extensively in support of Gospel Magic.

It is time for Christians to reject superstition, fear and rage at modern magic, which is merely a use of perceptional psychology. Christians should embrace science and modern technology.  If anything is the TRUTH about how finite humans can make errors in the perception of  cleverly produced effects, then why is it evil? 

 Evil and witchcraft is deliberately and maliciously LYING to people to extort and exploit them!  It has nothing to do with using tricks in performances.

 Sadly, there are still some superstitious and ignorant people here in America for fear magic as being, “of the devil”.  Often they justify that belief on the basis of a faulty interpretation of the Bible.  Again, Christian Magicians such as Andre Kohl and The Fellowship of Christian Magicians have a lot of materials to explain that error.



From:  KIP


Okay, I have to admit:

I’m seething mad … and it’s about religion and magic….


Last night, a very good friend of mine, Wayne Houchin,

was violently attacked on a public program, in

The Dominican Republic. When I say “violently,” I mean

an all out “sent-to-the-hospital” attack.

 My magic buddies, (Lee Asher, Aaron Fisher, BJ Bueno,

et al.), were doing their “yearly” tour in the D.R.

Wayne Houchin was performing on a show, when

a host threw a high octane alcohol on Wayne

and lit him on fire.


Wayne was burned on his face, right side of his

head, ear, neck, and hand.


Why was he attacked so?


Because, according to these religious fanatics,

magicians practice witchcraft and voodoo.

The intolerance of it all! The stain of

the uneducated on our society!


I have to admit, I’m getting tired of the

“uneducated masses.”


Over the years, I have had to defend … that

the self-defense I teach is not a religion, that

magicians are not in league with the devil, that

the Holocaust really did take place, and that I

can’t really read minds and brainwash someone

with a single touch.


On the island of St. Lucia, I even had to prove that

my magic didn’t suck the good mojo out of the

woodcarver’s masks. I caused money to appear

out of his carvings, to prove to him that he’d

still be able to sell them.


All I can say is that life would be easier, if what

certain people thought could align to, for

lack of a better word, “reality.”


Thanks for letting me vent,





PS I’m hoping for a complete recovery for Wayne,

and I hope there are no physical or emotional

scars, when this is all done.





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Secretary of Ring 320 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians located in the Western Virginia.
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