Magic at the Beach…A Great Convention!!!

Howdy fellow Ringers!

I thought I would give a quick report on my recent trip to the “Magic at the Beach” convention in Myrtle Beach, SC.

My lovely wife surprised me with the convention trip as a GREAT Christmas gift…and I couldn’t wait to arrive.

The convention was held at the Sands Resort in beautiful Myrtle Beach from January 17-20th. Ocean view rooms were only $59.00 a night !
We beat the snow and left early Thursday morning and arrived just in time to register at around 3:30. This is only the 4th year for this convention, but I had heard great things about it.
Everyone was very friendly and convention coordinators greeted me as I arrived. I then picked up my “badge” which became my ticket to all events and lectures and an unbelievable “swag bag” as they call it, full of magical surprises. The items are too numerous too list, but I would estimate at least $50.00 of great magical items were included such as a PK ring, T-Tip and silk, two great mentalism effects, and a close-up pad just to name a few! What a great start to the weekend!
The first evening was the kickoff of the event with a wonderful beach party including a full barbecue buffet and a parlor type show by Farrell Dillon. Farrell is a great magician and just a nice guy to hang out with. His mix of technically difficult magic and zany comedy left us all in stitches. He is nominated for “Stage Magician of the Year” at the Magic Castle!
The remaining days were filled with great lectures, over 7 dealers, and the best Cabaret Magic Show I have ever seen…the finale act of this show was a surprise acrobatic performance by Dania (of David and Dania fame) with metal hula hoops that I can’t even begin to describe…truly amazing…ending with her twirling over 50 plastic hula hoops!
The most amazing thing about this convention is that all of the performers were accessible and were willing to talk, hangout, sign autographs, or whatever…they were part of the entire convention and were having a great time as well. The dealers were also great and ranged from general magic, to collectible magic and everything in between. Joe Mogar and his wife were great, Daryl demonstrated his full line of miracles, and Losander was open and willing to show off his levitation effects from books to tables.

The line-up of performers was stellar…Farrell Dillon, Christopher Hart, Michael Trixx, David and Dania, Daryl, Les and Dazzle, Juliana Chen, Shin Lim, Andrew Goldenhersh, Losander, and Jonathan Levitt.
The credentials and entertainment value of these performers was amazing.
You may recognize Christopher Hart…well, at least his hand…he was “Thing” on the new Adams Family movie…and also a World Class Magician. He performed a “zombie” routine with an extra hand that was hard to describe and baffled most magicians present.
There were also close-up and stage contests for juniors and adults. These showcased quite a few local and out of state magicians. It was especially fun to watch the 12 year old magicians that make you want to just quit magic altogether:-) They were amazing!

One young magican and lecturer I will mention is Shin Lim. He is a 20 something that has only been performing for 5 years and creates illusions and effects with cards that are beyond amazing. Even in his lecture when he would show how he accomplished some of these feats it was still hard to believe that what you were seeing was really just sleight of hand!

The convention culminated with the Gala Show held at the beautiful 1,500 seat Gilmore Auditiorium (Home of the Carolina Opry) and it was packed. Most of the lecturers performed and watching Juliana Chen produce cards was inspiring. The finale was the quick change act of David and Dania. I thought it looked good on America’s Got Talent…it looked even more amazing seen live. My daughter had a constant smile on her face during the entire show.
That was worth the price of admission.

We may just be planning on another trip to Myrtle Beach next year. I would HIGHLY recommend this convention to anyone. I would be happy to give more information about it…just ask!

Enjoy Magic Everyday!!!

Brian B.


About blueridgemagiciansring320

Secretary of Ring 320 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians located in the Western Virginia.
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