Up Coming Magic Contest in Waynesboro

on stage

From Peter Monticup:

The contest on Saturday June 1st has been filled .


I’ve got 6 magicians from the Richmond magic club performing.


Even though this event is advertised as a “magic contest”, it’s really a showcase for local magicians to try out something new.


There are no other events happening like this and this event is so essential to the world of magic. Without events like I’m doing, magicians will never have the opportunity to showcase their new routines.


I’m planning on at least one more “magic contest” this year at the Gateway and another one at PVCC so contact me early if you like to be part of one of the upcoming ones.


I also hope everyone can support Steve Pittella and I and come to our Carnival Of Wonders show at the Gateway on Saturday, April 6th at 7PM.


Again, having a venue like the Gateway gave Steve and I the opportunity to not only put together a different type magic performance, but to also perform it for the public.


The public is your audience and you need to educate them about magic in any way you can. Get out and get involved in anything you can and never let a day go by without performing magic for someone.


By magicians supporting other magicians keeps magic alive and venues like the Gateway and as of next year the opening of the Wayne Theatre which I will be bringing my Vaudeville Magic Revue to.


Hope to see everyone on April 6th and June 1st.


Stop out at Magic Tricks and be part of some of my magic demo videos.


Here is a link to one of your own magicians in a few of my demo videos.


Magic Coloring book by Bence




Also Odd Ball by Bence




“Support you local magician and magic shop”




Monticup Is “always” Magic.




About blueridgemagiciansring320

Secretary of Ring 320 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians located in the Western Virginia.
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