Another GREAT Ring Meeting



Tonight’s meeting was GREAT!

First off I want to thank Steve Pittella for doing a great talk on sideshows. Walking on broken glass and busting a cinder block was above and beyond. Remember if I ask you in the future to do a talk or teach in you don’t have to cause bodily harm to yourself for it to be good, but tonight it worked out great. Having worked as a magician/sideshow performer I must say I enjoyed the talk as much as the act. Great Job Steve! Thanks for doing that for us, that will be something we will remember for a long time…

In other news we had 13 members in attendance and 10 signed up to perform. We also had 1 guest Steve from Roanoke and 1 old member Vic Bright who plans on rejoining 320. The magic was great too, I’ll leave that to Dennis to recap in the ring blog. Remember the blog address is

Our new Library blog page is
If you have something you want to donate to the library please bring it to me at the next meeting and I will get it on the blog page for everyone to be able to check it out.

I mentioned in the business meeting tonight that I had themes picked out for the rest of the year.
Remember these are only suggested themes
April – wallets & money
May – Collectors night, old or rare magic / performed or just show & tell
June – Magic with a story
July – Gimmicks & Gaffs
August – Comedy magic
September – Holiday themed magic
October – Swap Meet
November – First trick / favorite trick….. or both
December – Christmas Dinner & Show

Also if you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me directly:
By phone toll free 1 877 987 4201

Thanks so much guys!



About blueridgemagiciansring320

Secretary of Ring 320 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians located in the Western Virginia.
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