March Ring Meeting

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April 2013

 Ring #320     The Blue Ridge Magicians

President       Wes Iseli

   Vice President   Eddie Tobey “Tobini”

Treasurer           David Clauss

Sgt. at Arms       Jim Champion

Secretary          Dennis Phillips


In April, we will have our regular meeting night on April 16th and The Daryl Lecture on April 30th

April’s suggested theme will be wallets & money

Peter and Steve!

 Carnival of Wonders!

Saturday, April 6  –  Showtime 7 pm

Gateway Theatre, Waynesboro VA

Call 540-943-9999 for tickets
or buy yours at the door


Daryl, the Magician(, will be lecturing for us while he’s traveling.

This lecture is scheduled for Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 at the Wayne Hills Baptist Church Here’s a little information about his work:

World Champion Magician, Daryl, is internationally acknowledged as “The Magician’s Magician”. He is much sought after, world-wide, as a Professional Performing Magician, Lecturer and Keynote speaker. He has invented magic for many famous TV magicians and brings you some of the finest, most practical magic in the world. Daryl is a World Champion, first place FISM Gold medal winning, close-up magician with over 40 years of experience in both performing and selling the finest magic in the world. Daryl performed as a headline act at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for seven years fine tuning his already encyclopedic knowledge of magic. Daryl has performed literally thousands of shows for audiences as diverse as the Witch Doctors on the South Pacific island of Vanuatu to the movers and shakers of the political world at the Presidential Ball in Washington, D.C.

  Ring Report  

March 19th   2013 Meeting

We had a great attendance at the March Ring Meeting with some old and new faces. Welcome back to Pastor Vic Bright and to Steve Elmore. The pre-meeting lecture, this month was from Steve Pittella, our resident Side Show expert.  In addition to doing magic, Steve and his wife  own  The Boardwalk Café, Waynesboro Virginia’s premier hot dog café.

Steve talked about the Golden Age of the Side Show in the last half of the 19th Century and the struggles up until the 1960s when political correctness cause Side Shows to fade away.

The Ring was startled by his demonstration of a “Glass Walk” in bare feet , with real broken glass and right in front of our eyes. He followed that up by an equally bizarre stunt. He broke a real cement building block over his head with a sledge hammer.

Things discussed in the Business meeting:

Peter Pitchford tentative lecture for later this year.

Making sure all of us have a Broken Wand script. Templates are available from the IBM Website

A ring digital library list is on line

The church we met at for our Ring meeting has declined our offer for a stage magic show so we are looking for another charity opportunity.

The Daryl lecture will be $25 for Non Members and free to members of this ring and only the Roanoke and Lynchburg magicians clubs.

Anyone joining the Ring that night and paying the $25 dues will get the lecture free and all others for the year as a regular member.

If a lecture occurs within the same seven day period as a regular Ring meeting., the lecture will become the Ring Meeting and no other meeting will be held for that month.

Wes also announced many other magic happenings in Washington, DC and the Mid-Atlantic area.

The business meeting concluded and it was show time. The theme was “Kid’s magic”.  Vice president Eddie Tobey was the emcee for the night. He opened up by pulling a banana from his right ear. Though out the evening he did some great bits. One was Trevor Lewis’ Clap-o-Meter where a thermometer measures audience applause and the kids finally break it with their screams and applause. Eddie also did a “Rumba Count” where the colored backs of cards change and he gave everyone a set of the cards.

First up by Jim Oberg with a Wayne Dobson effect called “Coin Flux”. It was a great mechanical Coin Matrix. Jim Champion did a Jay Sankey inspired effect with a spectator signed card the appeared in folded condition in a paperclip which was lying on the table before the card was selected!  John Leeth had a neat phone app called “I Predict” by Rostami. A freely chosen card was revealed by a female voice who was called long distance.

President Iseli wowed the crowd with a Pop-Pom Stick, his collection of Die Boxes and a great balloon color prediction. Richard Gimbert did his signature routine with oranges, silks  and a Square Circle and Crystal Silk Cylinder. A boy turned into a rabbit with the help of a wand. George Buckley had Crazy Man’s handcuffs with colored bands and a Copper Silver style routine with colored discs.

Bryan Bence performed the classic Pop-Off Wand , Freddie the Fish Finder , Tel’s Bell and a knot off the rope with it instantly reappearing. Steve Elmore had some nifty rope know ties using a Chafalo knot and clever manipulation.  Dennis Phillips wrapped it up with a JoAnne the Duck, A Welsh Rare-bit pan and the Spelling Bee.

Good things are always happening in Ring 320.

Dennis Phillips, Secretary


Dennis Deliberations….      Editorial and Comment

By Dennis Phillips

April 2013

Lord Melchett: “Farewell, Blackadder [hands him a parchment]. The foremost cartographers of the land have prepared this for you; it’s a map of the area that you’ll be traversing. [Blackadder opens it up and sees it is blank] They’ll be very grateful if you could just fill it in as you go along. Bye-bye.”

– From the English comedy series Blackadder (Part 2, Episode 3)

Yep…As Magicians we often are forced to “Wing It”.  I was hired to do a banquet show. Clearly, I explained on the contract that the show was not to be an illusion show. When I get there, it became obvious that the person who booked me did not inform the committee. They were expecting a “Floating person” and a “Cutting a person in Two”.

So what do you do when you need to do these effects and do not have the props?

There are ways to satisfy the requirement and make the audience happy. Here is what I do.

The Floating Person and  Cutting a Person in Half.

1)You can truthfully say that you are doing the “Floating Person” Illusion this way.

My “Floating” is an idea that I got from Rachael Columbini’s former partner, magician Tom Jones.  It is marketed as “The Wild Levitation” Tom Jones used to freely show the method at his lectures and convention booth.

You can make it yourself but if you want good documentation and not have the hassle of finding the gimmicks buy it from Penguin Magic. Take a look at the video. 

Go to a place that salvages computers and get them to give you two rare earth magnets out of a junk hard drive.

Duck tape them into the inside insteps of a pair of slip-on dress loafers that are about a size too big. This way you can easily get them on and off.

You can wear these as dress shoes throughout the show.

To do the trick, take off your jacket or have a yard square opaque cloth.

Hold it out in front of you and lowered so that it is touching the floor.

Slip off one shoe as you hold it against the other. The magnets WILL hold them together.

Step back with your socked foot and do all the moves you see in the video.

Lower the cloth again and slip back on the shoe!

2)You can truthfully say that you are “Cutting a person in Half”

I use Bob Sheets, “Hang ‘em High” (Rope through the Body)

This “plays big, packs small”.  Watch the performance. It is strong stuff.  

Here is an impromptu version showing the short rope tick but without the long gimmicked rope.   

Magic Magazine published the secret of the original Sheets version a few years back. The effect is accomplish by a “Delbin-Tarbell Screw Gimmick” in the center of the long rope.  You have a short  3 foot piece already tucked in your pants, with knots on the end for ease of handling.   It is a matter of reaching around the back, untwisting the center of the long rope and grasping the knots with each hand and pulling it through you!

There you have it…TWO illusions.     For $150 crummy bucks, that is what they get. 

I would NEVER work for the conditions where you were forced to do illusions for $150… The main reason is that agents like this often bill the client a high price and then give you $150 or less.  My pay is not the issue.   What is the issue is the client level of expectation for a $500 to $700 “illusion” show they paid for , and you are limited to $150?

A commission schedule should be reasonably in line with client and talent-pay portion.

Personal Management can justify 50% ( Colonel Tom Parker got that out of Elvis) but  just an “agent” who is looking for the lowest bid and giving you no personal exclusiveness, deserves far less.




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Secretary of Ring 320 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians located in the Western Virginia.
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