Peter Reveen Update


(Peter Reveen was Lance Burton’s Manager and a world class illusionist in his own right. Reveen was originally from Australia. His greatest fame was as a Stage Hypnotist where for several decades he packed out theaters in Canada. 

Peter Reveen Released From Hospital


Message by Tyrone Reveen

After four weeks, Peter Reveen Sr. was released from hospital on Saturday March 30th. Even though he was hooked up with Intravenous therapy during most of his hospital stay, he still lost about 20 pounds during the last month due to his apathy to eat or drink. Finally on March 29th the hospital told us that there is nothing more they can do for him other than to help allocate a hospice service that will help make sure his final days will be comforting.

As no one loves my father more than his own family, we have chosen to convert his living room into a hospital room with a hospital bed, oxygen machines, wheelchair, etc. and an average crew of two and sometimes three medical professionals that help tend to his every need on a daily basis. We are all so very thankful for the staff and service of MSA Hospice, without their help my mother would have no chance of handling the level of care that my father requires at this point in his life.

One thing that we have learned beyond any question of doubt during this ordeal is that the medication that has been prescribed to my father for dealing with his dementia has been more damaging to his mental health than helpful, ironically my mother has been saying this for a long time. 

One of the doctors at the hospital was quick to suspect his combative behavior was the result of adverse reactions caused by the pharmaceutical drug called “Aricept”. Days after being taken off that drug there were extreme improvements in his behavior including recognizing the faces and names of his son Calvin, Cal’s wife Cathy and his grandchildren.

Although his behavior modifications have become substantially more tolerable without psychotropic medications, he still has occasional outburst due to his dementia that often resemble the rants of a drunken sailor (particularly when he receives invasive medical procedures that seem to happen every four hours in a hospital) however the difference between psychotropic medications vs. non-psychotropic medications are like night and day.

 Everyone who knows of my father’s photographic and eidetic memory capabilities of the past can somewhat imagine how exasperating it has been for him to lose that capability. 

Beethoven lost his hearing 13 years before his death however he continued to write some of his finest work such as the “Moonlight Sonata” after becoming completely deaf by bighting his teeth onto a steel bar attached to his piano, by feeling the frequency resonance of the sound waves through the metal bar he was able to feel the music.

Unfortunately Reveen has had no such metal bar to reconnect his mind to his memory as Beethoven did. As Reveen’s doctor friend insisted him to take more prescription medications, the more noticeable his memory depravation became evident. Whether or not there is a direct link connecting pharmaceutical drugs to Dementia, Alzheimer’s and memory deprivation, it is certainly a hot topic of debate throughout the medical profession. One of the most recent articles I read suggested a link between Alzheimer’s and the food chemical MSG.

I think the safest way to avoid health problems is to replace over active drug pushing doctors with naturopathic doctors and eat organic, but I must admit it’s not very easy to eat organic when you spend most of your life touring on the road as our family has.

My father’s defiance to eat or drink much is one of our biggest challenges on a daily basis as it has been for several months. He refuses to be subjected with a feed tube or any other resuscitation devices.

His last written testament has been brought to our attention recently wherein Reveen adamantly states that no medical procedures are to be used to prolong his life whereas the outcome of his full recovery is not expected.

As his Dementia has been growing exponentially with no cure in sight, our family has agreed to respect and honor his instructions by providing him the most comfortable, painless and loving care we can without forcing life support upon him.

His truest of friends gain no pleasure in witnessing the level of his suffering as he has sustained in recent months especially. Since arriving home he has expressed no desire to socialize. He tolerates his medical staff but prefers just to be left alone at this time.

Most of our closest friends are respectful to our request for privacy at this time especially since at this stage my father seems to have little or no recollection of his visitors the moment they walk outside of the sightline of his peripheral vision.


We prefer that his friends and admirers remember him for the man he was, and I know that my father feels the same.


I would like to thank all our friends especially the ones who have been supportive of Peter & Coral during these trying times. We’d also like to thank the medical staff of the Summerlin Hospital, the Harmon Medical and Rehabilitation Hospital for their wonderful support in doing everything possible and especially Judy & Paris and their crew the MSA Hospice.

 We will let you know when the inevitable happens.

Sincere Best Wishes!

The Reveen Family



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