Brian Bence and Nathan Clauss top winners



(R to L) Top winner Brian Bence, 2nd place winner, Nathan Claus, and  3rd place winner, Magic Watt

It was a  great night of magic and fun at the Gateway Theatre.

A great turn out and a great audience.

Baffling Brian Bence was the top performer walking away with first prize, followed by Nathan Clauss, 2nd place winner and Magic Watt from Richmond 3rd place winner.

The theme was “magic contest” which was the perfect theme and program.

With four local celebrity judges that praised each magician after his performance and finally the audience voting for each performer, the event was a huge success.

Our four judges made comments like: – WOW, a great twist on a classic effect. Now that’s a new one I have not seen. Do that one again. I’ve been doing magic for years and you really fooled me with that one. Comments like this went on and on from the judges along with constant applause from the audience.

Every act was a star/winner and all left with a prize from receiving magic DVD’s and a gift certificates from Magic Tricks Inc. to actual cash prizes for the top two performers.

You could not ask for a better night of fun and entertainment.

The show ran nearly 2 hours and of course the audience wanted to meet, talk and ask for autographs from the performers after the show so we still had a crowd at the Gateway until after 10PM

For those that did not attend….you really missed a great event. Events like this where the public can see 7 magicians rarely happens in this area and I am happy I could make this event happen and I look forward to doing this again.

Peter Monticup



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Secretary of Ring 320 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians located in the Western Virginia.
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